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FIFA 14 Revolution Mod is now available

Oct 29 2013

    FIFA 14 fans can now download version 1.1 of Revolution Mod 14, one of the series most popular mods saga. Basically add more realistic elements to the game as winter equipment, number of public consistent with the type of game.

    Some important notices to keep in mind when downloading Revolution v1.1 Mod 14. for FIFA 14: " The mod is compatible with all existing races since the database has not yet been edited. The version is not compatible with the Xbox 360 game. You need to read the documentation files to make the mod work. "
    Mods are one of the charms of both FIFA 14 and PES 2014. Many users wonder what will happen once only available the PS4 and Xbox versions of future deliveries One Will they turn the mods to be PC exclusive?

    In this sense, and since we're talking about definitive elements, EA has hinted that FIFA 14 for PS4 and Xbox One will be the final version of this year. Better than PC? Just compare their graphics: Click here to see the latest catches next-gen football.

    Looking for a hobby while downloading or installing this mod in FIFA 14? We know you're a fan of Ultimate Team and like to manage your computer on your smartphone or tablet. That is why we have prepared the definitive guide to FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.

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